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sbuild::chroot_config Class Reference

#include <sbuild-chroot-config.h>

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Detailed Description

Chroot configuration.

This class holds the configuration details from the configuration file. Conceptually, it's an opaque container of chroot objects.

Methods are provided to query the available chroots and find specific chroots.

Definition at line 43 of file sbuild-chroot-config.h.

Public Types

typedef std::vector< chroot::ptrchroot_list
 A list of chroots.
typedef std::map< std::string,
 A map between a chroot name and a chroot object.
typedef runtime_error_custom
< chroot_config
 Exception type.
typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< chroot_config
 A shared_ptr to a chroot_config object.
typedef std::map< std::string,
std::string > 
 A map between key-value string pairs.

Public Member Functions

void add (std::string const &location, bool active)
 chroot_config (std::string const &file, bool active)
 chroot_config ()
 The constructor.
const chroot::ptr find_alias (std::string const &name) const
const chroot::ptr find_chroot (std::string const &name) const
string_list get_chroot_list () const
chroot_list get_chroots () const
void print_chroot_config (string_list const &chroots, std::ostream &stream) const
void print_chroot_info (string_list const &chroots, std::ostream &stream) const
void print_chroot_list (std::ostream &stream) const
void print_chroot_list_simple (std::ostream &stream) const
void print_chroot_location (string_list const &chroots, std::ostream &stream) const
string_list validate_chroots (string_list const &chroots) const
virtual ~chroot_config ()
 The destructor.

Protected Member Functions

void add (chroot::ptr &chroot)

Private Member Functions

void add_config_directory (std::string const &dir, bool active)
void add_config_file (std::string const &file, bool active)
void check_security (int fd) const
void load_data (std::string const &file, bool active)
virtual void parse_data (std::istream &stream, bool active)

Private Attributes

string_map aliases
 A list of aliases (alias->name mapping).
chroot_map chroots
 A list of chroots (name->chroot mapping).

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