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sbuild::chroot Class Reference

#include <sbuild-chroot.h>

Inheritance diagram for sbuild::chroot:

sbuild::chroot_block_device sbuild::chroot_file sbuild::chroot_plain sbuild::chroot_source sbuild::chroot_lvm_snapshot sbuild::chroot_file sbuild::chroot_lvm_snapshot

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Detailed Description

Common chroot data. This class contains all of the metadata associated with a single chroot, for all chroot types. This is the in-core representation of a chroot definition in the configuration file, and may be initialised directly from an open keyfile.

Definition at line 44 of file sbuild-chroot.h.

Public Types

typedef runtime_error_custom
< chroot
 Exception type.
typedef std::tr1::shared_ptr
< chroot
 A shared_ptr to a chroot object.
enum  session_flags { SESSION_CREATE = 1 << 0 }
 Chroot session properties. More...
enum  setup_type {
 Type of setup to perform. More...

Public Member Functions

virtual ptr clone () const =0
bool get_active () const
string_list const & get_aliases () const
virtual std::string const & get_chroot_type () const =0
string_list const & get_command_prefix () const
std::string const & get_description () const
string_list const & get_groups () const
virtual std::string const & get_location () const
virtual std::string const & get_mount_device () const
virtual std::string const & get_mount_location () const
std::string const & get_name () const
virtual std::string get_path () const
unsigned int get_priority () const
string_list const & get_root_groups () const
bool get_run_exec_scripts () const
bool get_run_setup_scripts () const
virtual session_flags get_session_flags () const =0
void set_active (bool active)
void set_aliases (string_list const &aliases)
void set_command_prefix (string_list const &command_prefix)
void set_description (std::string const &description)
void set_groups (string_list const &groups)
void set_mount_device (std::string const &device)
void set_mount_location (std::string const &location)
void set_name (std::string const &name)
void set_priority (unsigned int priority)
void set_root_groups (string_list const &groups)
void set_run_exec_scripts (bool run_exec_scripts)
void set_run_setup_scripts (bool run_setup_scripts)
virtual void setup_env (environment &env)
virtual void setup_lock (setup_type type, bool lock)=0
virtual ~chroot ()
 The destructor.

Static Public Member Functions

static ptr create (std::string const &type)

Protected Member Functions

 chroot ()
 The constructor.
template<typename T>
format_detail< T > format_details (std::string const &name, T const &value) const
virtual void get_keyfile (keyfile &keyfile) const
virtual void print_details (std::ostream &stream) const
virtual void set_keyfile (keyfile const &keyfile)
virtual void set_location (std::string const &location)
virtual void setup_session_info (bool start)

Private Attributes

bool active
 Chroot activity status.
string_list aliases
 Alternative names for the chroot.
string_list command_prefix
 Command prefix.
std::string description
 Chroot description.
string_list groups
 Groups allowed to access the chroot.
std::string location
 Location inside the mount location root.
std::string mount_device
 Block device to mount (if any).
std::string mount_location
 Location to mount chroot in the filesystem (if any).
std::string name
 Chroot name.
unsigned int priority
 Chroot prioroty.
string_list root_groups
 Groups allowed to access the chroot as root.
bool run_exec_scripts
 Run chroot exec scripts?
bool run_setup_scripts
 Run chroot setup scripts?


keyfileoperator<< (keyfile &keyfile, ptr const &rhs)
std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &stream, ptr const &rhs)
keyfile const & operator>> (keyfile const &keyfile, ptr &rhs)


class  format_detail

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