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void auth::stop (  )  [inherited]

Stop the PAM system. No other PAM functions may be used after calling this function.

An error will be thrown on failure.

Definition at line 365 of file sbuild-auth.cc.

References sbuild::auth::pam.

Referenced by sbuild::auth::run(), and sbuild::auth::~auth().

  if (this->pam); // PAM must be initialised
    int pam_status;

    if ((pam_status =
       pam_end(this->pam, PAM_SUCCESS)) != PAM_SUCCESS)
      log_debug(DEBUG_WARNING) << "pam_end FAIL" << endl;
      format fmt(_("PAM error: %1%"));
      fmt % pam_strerror(this->pam, pam_status);
      throw error(fmt);

    this->pam = 0;
    log_debug(DEBUG_NOTICE) << "pam_end OK" << endl;

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